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About Me

Before I began my midlife transitions, my health had been deteriorating for a few years.

I had chosen money and status over my own wealth of health. I was exhausted. My body was paying the price:

  • anxiety

  • panic attacks

  • acid reflux

  • insomnia

  • high blood pressure

  • a nasty cough that wouldn’t go away

  • so much weight gain I had kankles

  • eating lots of fast food

  • drinking a bottle of wine every other night

I was living an emotionally barricaded life with no mind-heart-spirit alignment, no deep connections except with my fur-baby Hampton. The void of happiness was filled with long work hours and material things – food, clothes, and vacations.  

Puppy Hampton

Life changed in an instant.

The day I had to send Hampton across the Rainbow Bridge was the day I could no longer avoid my awakening.

The next level of darkness arrived when I became aware I had been stuffing my emotions most of my life. In this uncontrollable moment of Hampton's passing, everything I had stuffed down started to come up.


A desire started to grow within for true connection to myself and to others. This was the start of my midlife awakening in really understanding who I was at my innermost core. To re-prioritize my life.


In the past money was my pathway to happiness. Now it was time. Time for myself.

Time to meditate and center. Time to cook and eat healthier. Time to walk or hike in nature. Time to connect with people. Time to paint, camp, and read a good book. 


My awakening started in my darkest days. I learned boundaries aren’t selfish...

they are first on the list of self-love. My self-love routine helped me stop the panic attacks. And in the aftermath of a soul wound, the path forward unfolded in front of me.  

Paint mosaic
My transformation from losing my fur-baby to now looks like: 
  • Accepting and honoring my awakening 

  • Less chaos, anxiety, and fear 

  • Living in mind-heart-spirit alignment 

  • Saying NO to overfunctioning - i.e. being over-responsible for everyone

  • Saying NO to negative energy that shows up in the forms of people, conversations, articles, and tv programming  

  • Saying YES to healthy ways of managing stress and anxiety

  • Adopting the motto “Say YES to life” and those things that fill my cup and bring me joy

  • Naming my emotions, feeling them, and staying curious about where they came from and what they are saying to me 

Connection is complicated - it starts with connection to yourself and then is extended to others.

Paint mosaic


In times of doubt and confusion, it symbolizes strength, transformation and renewal. For only from the ashes of who we were, can we rise up to become who we are to be.

text by Jodee Stevens

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Paint mosaic


A symbol representing the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. It symbolizes togetherness and serves as a reminder that you are never alone or isolated but rather you are connected to the world.



  • Highly Sensitive Empath

  • Recovering Overfunctioner

  • 16 Years of Human Resources experience

  • 6 Years of Social Work experience

  • Degrees in Biology, Social Work and Human Resources

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