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When navigating a significant life change, every small task & chore adds to the overwhelm

You wake up feeling tired and unmotivated, hitting snooze multiple times before getting out of bed. 


You reheat a cup of coffee, stare out the window, and never take a sip.

You shuffle to the shower and stand under the running water and cry.


You drive to work, saying out loud, "we can do's only 8 hours." A tear trickles down your face.

At work you feel disconnected. Someone is speaking to you and you have difficulty focusing. You force a polite smile and ask them to put an appointment on your calendar. 

At home, you enter the front door, glance at the mound of bills, walk to the kitchen looking for something to eat and see nothing but dirty dishes



You retreat to your bedroom and put on your pajamas. You turn around to see a pile of dirty laundry. Let out an exasperated sigh and crawl into bed for the night. 

It doesn't have to be this way.

Stop surviving...

My free guide helps you take the next small step, and another, and another, by teaching you how to use a timer to get the small stuff done.

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If you don't have the mental and physical energy during a significant life event to deal with the small stuff, you definitely won't have it to deal with the BIG stuff.

....Choose Living Bravely

Relational Coach

uplifting women over 40

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Hi, I'm Nikki,


My unexpected life changes led me to create Living Bravely Life Coaching. I'm a certified Whole Person Coach and Trauma Informed Coach, former social worker and HR professional.


I'm a sole business owner. When you call, email or message, I am the only person to receive it and respond.


As a coach I guide women navigating significant life changes in rebuilding their lives with renewed energy, strength and confidence, so they can cultivate thriving relationships by piecing things together in a new way.

People who've worked with Nikki say...


Nikki helps me sort out what is present and tune into my own inner knowing. After a session I feel much clearer and grounded.


I am grateful for Nikki's positive energy and gentle guidance that allows me to decrease my overwhelm and increase my self-confidence.

Where would you like to receive your FREE guide?

We never sell or share your information.

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