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Don't quit on a hard day

Ocean waves crashing against large rocks
Crushing ocean waves

As you contemplate divorce, your emotions are probably vascillating between hurricane-level swells and a gentle current. Jay Shetty asked in a recent Calm meditation, "Can you commit not to quit on a hard day?" Said another way, don't make any rash decisions because the hurricane is in the driver's seat.

Maybe you've weathered some particularly stormy moments in your marriage. Your Google search for guidance says those trials can be overcome and encourage you not to throw away all the time you've invested in your marriage through divorce. Let that simmer for a minute and answer this crucial question:

Are you content with the person you've become within this relationship?

True happiness often begins with finding contenment within us. So, let's start there. First identify a couple of activities you can do to help weather the hurricane emotions when they come crashing in. By doing this, an internal refuge will be created so you can start to focus on other aspects of your life.

Next, find a safe, calming space where you can rediscover your values, your needs and your aspirations. The space should be a respite from the chaos and evoke a sense of peace and harmony. Is it a cozy room in your house with a view of nature outside the window? Maybe it's a spot in your backyard or a local park? The space doesn't have to be perfect like the idealized photos online.

What matters is how the space speaks to your soul.

Finally, grab your journal and a favorite pen. Here are some prompts to get the exploration started:

  • Recall some moments when you genuinely felt good about yourself. What were you doing and what beliefs guided your actions? How do those experiences connect with what's important to you now?

  • Consider someone you deeply admire or look up to. What qualities or actions do they possess that inspire you, and why?

  • Reflect on times when you felt profoundly connected to others or the world around you. What beliefs, ideals, or standards fostered that sense of connection?

Embrace this opportunity for reflection and growth. Your journey towards clarity and fulfillment begins with honoring your own truth. Bonus: this same approach can be used for situations like career or relocation contemplation.

Need help exploring out loud in a safe space? Let's talk.

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