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Empath awakening

Lotus Flower
The lotus flower grows deep in the mud, far away from the sun.

Awakening is an act or moment of suddenly becoming aware of something; the beginning or rousing of something.

What awakening may feel like

Every persons' awakening will look different from another persons. You may feel out of balance. Do you feel disconnected or detached from yourself? From the people closest to you? From your work?

Are you in tune with your feelings? If not, a Feeling Wheel and a dictionary can help you gain clarity, especially if you are used to stuffing down your emotions or prioritizing other people's emotions ahead of yours. Some feeling wheel words that may resonate with you include: overwhelmed, anxious, withdrawn, hesitant, vulnerable, fragile, and powerless.

To live authentically as an empath means to transform what you're feeling now into feelings like joyful, hopeful, confident, and loving.

what awakening may look like on the outside

Because you may feel out of balance, are you enduring difficult experiences in relationships or at work? Do you feel misunderstood or invisible? Do you feel taken advantage of or manipulated in by partners, friends, or people at work?

Have you been diagnosed and prescribed medication for anxiety and/or depression? Do you numb yourself with excessive amounts of wine or beer? Do you crave comfort foods? Do you use marijuana or other substances to numb what's happening?

There is nothing wrong with you, my friend. You are awakening.

what awakening may look like on the inside

Do hear a repertoire in your head saying, "Why can't I get it together?" Or, "What's wrong with me?"

Have your dreams become more vivid? Have your dreams become reality?

Do you have a spiritual guide speaking to you? Guiding you to ask questions or make decisions.

Have your spidey-senses increased?

Empath awakening is very much like the lotus flower. Your intuitiveness grows in the mud and eventually, the sun touches the flower and it blossoms into a beautiful flower.

If you think you are awakening, I see you. I have been where you are. I am here for you.

In the Spirit of Living Bravely

Lightbulb of love
Light of Love

Shine your love and light, my friend.

Nikki Hewett

Nikki Hewett is a certified Whole Person Relational Coach that specializes in empowering awakening empaths and highly sensitive people to live a one-of-a-kind, engaged life and experience flourishing relationships. Nikki awakened in 2017 and now supports other empaths and highly sensitive people through their awakening to Living Bravely.

Are you an empath? Find out now!

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