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Compassionate Guidance for Successful, Childfree, Women over 40 Contemplating Divorce

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Welcome to Living Bravely Life Coaching, your trusted companion on the path of divorce contemplation. I understand the profound impact your decision holds, touching every aspect of your life. Together we'll explore each avenue, whether it's the choice to divorce or remain committed.


My tailored coaching sessions are designed to facilitate healing, resilience, and the creation of a fulfilling life, no matter which path you embrace. With expert guidance, you can confidently step into your future and embrace the bravery within you. Take that first stride toward a brighter tomorrow.

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You'll get to where you need to go, at your own pace and in your own time.

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Wondering why I work with childfree women?

Childfree women encompasses a diverse group, including:

  • empty-nesters,

  • those who chose not to have children, and

  • those who, due to various circumstances, were unable to conceive.


When children are a part of the divorce contemplation journey, women aren't emotionally and mentally free to choose a path forward based on their desires and dreams alone. When children are involved, these decisions are made amidst a tangle of emotions and responsibilities, often leaving women torn between their own desires and what's best for their children.


I was a childfree woman trying to figure out what my desires and dreams were, as well as learning to separate what I desired from my spouses dreams. I intimately understand the unique challenges faced during this uncertain time. That understanding forms the foundation of my commitment to guiding childfree women, with empathy and expertise, through their own contemplative journey toward a better future.


When children are a part of the consideration, I recommend seeking a divorce coach that has experience in working with women who are caring for children still living in the home

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What is divorce contemplation?

Divorce contemplation refers to the process of seriously considering or thinking about the possibility of ending their marriage. It is a period of reflection, introspection, exploring emotions, and evaluating the relationship. It is a pivotal stage where you evaluate your options and emotions before making a final decision. 

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Benefits of working with
a divorce contemplation coach

Contemplating divorce is an incredibly emotional journey. Some benefits of working with a divorce contemplation coach include: 

  • a nurturing, safe, confidential, online meeting space

  • freedom to openly explore your thoughts and feelings without judgment

  • compassionate guidance to rediscover your desires and dreams

  • empathetic perspectives to consider your current situation from various angles

  • finding clarity amidst the chaos

  • possibly experiencing profound personal growth and self-discovery

The coaching process helps you discern your goals and focus on what truly matters to you in the long term. 

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All coaching sessions are confidential and conducted online via zoom so you can participate in a safe space.

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What you can expect in a coaching session

Whole Person Coaching

Your decision-making process often centers in your conscious mind. However, biologically, you have three distinct brains, two of which often go unnoticed. These three brains are intricately linked through the Vagus Nerve, a complex network allowing signals to flow between them. 

In my role as a certified Whole Person Coach, I will help you reconnect with these overlooked aspects of yourself. Ever heard the saying 'Two heads are better than one?' Imagine what can happen when you engage all three brains!

Pathways to Action

This moment marks a significant period of uncertainty in your life, and I want you to know that you're not navigating it alone with me by your side. Together, we will engage in purposeful activities tailored to your pace, guiding you through gradual steps or daring leaps forward on your journey of self-discovery.

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Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Nikki Hewett

Hello! I'm Nikki.

I once stood in your shoes as a successful, childfree woman over 40 contemplating divorce. The journey was isolating, marked by emotional turbulence that lasted for years. Finding unbiased guidance while navigating the strong opinions from my closest supporters made the journey even more challenging.


My perspective shifted  when I enrolled in a life coaching school and finally found the unbiased support network I needed to explore my options. Coaching, unlike counseling, focuses on the present and future, empowering you to set meaningful goals. 


I want you to know that as a successful, childfree woman contemplating divorce, your emotions and journey are just as significant as a woman with children. Divorce isn't a lesser concern for women without children. You deserve dedicated, thoughtful support and understanding as you navigate this pivotal decision in your life. 

In the Spirit of Living Bravely,


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