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Am I an empath?

people say I'm overly sensitive
I need a nap after being around people that zap all my energy
illnesses show up when I'm in a relationship
I self-medicate with food, alcohol, drugs or shopping
crowds overwhelm me
I am at peace in nature

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Paint mosaic

Hello! I'm Nikki.


I didn't know I was an empath until my 40's. I'm an empath, a highly sensitive person, and a recovering overfunctioner.

Right before I awakened, I would have visions and dreams. I felt like a presence was guiding me. I could sense something really big was happening in my life.


And then all the pieces of my life finally started to make sense. 

My inner empath was unleashed and I could finally begin living my authentic life.


And you can too!

Nikki, owner of Living Bravely Life Coaching