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Music is an empath's elixir

Girl dancing to music
Give your mood a boost by listening to music and dancing around the room

Thank goodness for the algorithm that recommends new songs. It's definitely come a long way from sitting by your radio waiting for your favorite song to come on so you can press record and make a mix tape. YES! - this is what many of us reminisce about when watching Guardians of the Galaxy.

I have a few playlists that I turn to in times of need: one to remind me I'm a bada** when I'm exercising; one to encourage and lift me up when everything in my life is a big question mark; and one that fills my soul with peace, allowing me to live in my higher self.

I admit. Sometimes the stress takes over and I fail to think about the playlists. Or I get a physical injury and have to stop exercising and forget I'm a bada**. When I finally get back to listening, the universe aligns and my problems seem to disappear into the background. Coincidence?

My brain has too many tabs open
My brain needs a timeout
According to Harvard Medical School's Blavatnik Institute for Neurobiology, Music can alter brain structure and function, both after immediate and repeated exposure....These changes in brain circuitry and connectivity suggest opportunities to activate certain regions to promot

After everything we have been through in 2020 and so far in 2021, we need a dance party. Our brains need a dance party. We need to move our bodies to the beat the music. Listen to music that lifts, inspires, soothes, reminds you YOU are a bada**.

Music is an empath's elixir. When I'm overstimulated from being on a large zoom call, I sit in a room by myself, close my eyes, put my meditation music on and let it work it's magic. It calms my brain and my body begins to relax. I engage in deep breathing exercises until the electrical impulses stop pulsating.

Get out of your brain and into your body. Let the music move your head, shoulders, arms, belly, legs and feet. Jump up and down. Shake off the day's troubles. Heal your soul.

Nikki Hewett
Namaste, empath souls

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