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My dream is not your dream

Updated: Feb 22

Little girl painting the words Big Dreams
Big Dreams

Life's busyness sweeps you away from your dreams and before you realize it, your time and energy is being spent supporting other people's dreams.

Recently, I had the painful realization that I was spending my mental, physical and spiritual time and energy supporting the advancement other people's dreams. The revelation created a pause long enough for me to acknowledge I had lost touch with my dream: Living Bravely Life Coaching, supporting women aged 40 and over who are navigating through significant life changes. The pause nudged me to re-engage and carve out a space that allows me to nurture my dream, foster mental creativity, and enables my best self to emerge.

There are times in life, especially going through a significant life change like divorce, that you need a safe place for respite. Your dreams may take a backseat due to the energy drain caused by these life shifts.

It's ok to press pause on your dreams while you rest and heal.

Periodically tap back into your goals and dreams and gauge your energy. You will instinctively know when the time is ripe to rekindle your commitment to your dreams.

In the Spirit of Living Bravely, Nikki

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